It is time to start using our skills for the new tech incoming.Say hello to a Web3 agency looking for clients who want to switch from web2 to web3.


Adeline Jendrejak


After taking a closer look into companies that want to integrate Web3, I realized businesses struggle to understand what web3 is, and don't understand the true value of intering this market.  The key finding here is that companies using web2 need an acutal ally in their web2-Web3 transition. The consulting method would be appropriate. In fact while doing my researches, I found major questions regarding web3 & Defi.
 * "Where do we find a 360 service company to help us out?" * "Where do we find a legitimate regulation/legal service?" * "How can we make sure that we can trust a web3 agency?"


I conducted user interviews to gather companies point of views and thoughts on their expectations when it comes to a web3 consulting agency. I could find 4 major pillars: 

1. Business partnership 
2. Consulting
3. Education 
4. Web3 project development  I synthesized my findings to group similar thoughts and behaviors into affinity and empathy maps ` To conclude my research, I came up with a few How Might We statements to focus on users’ pain points that I wanted to solve.  HMW show these services on the website and make it clear to everyone?
HMW help web2 company to pick which services they need?
HMW increase user and client trust ?


I needed to identify the needs of my users and think of how they will use Diamonite.  After spending about an hour writing down user stories, I prioritized them to figure out my Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Identifying high-priority functions helped me understand users' behaviors. Here are a few: 1.Search through all the different types of services so that I can figure 
out which service they might need.

2.View high-quality examples of our work so that the customer can 
project himself working with Diamonite.

3.Ask for a discovery meeting to talk about needs all together 

As part of the user-centered design process, I wanted to make 
sure that my content would be in the correct places so I conducted a card sort.